Our Nursing Advisor was awarded with the Florence Nightingale Award for best Principal of Karnataka in the year 2007.

M.Sc Nursing starting....
Medical Surgical


Recognition no's

B.Sc/INC: 18-15/1657
GNM/INC: 18-15/2683

KNC: KNC/1157/08

RGUHS:ACA/NS-149 / 0-104/                                 2008-09
GOK:104 / 2004-05 & 109/2002 respectively for BSc and GNM


Welcome To St.Mary's Institute


Established in the year 2003 by Mary Matha Educational Trust, Bangalore, Karnataka, in a calm serene atmosphere without being away from the heart of the city. Proximity to major land marks of Bangalore city is an added advantage (8 km from City's Railway Station and Kempe Gowda Bus Stand) at kempapura near to hebbal which is on the new international airport and Bangalore - Hyderabad national highway no.7.

With a mission to serve the needs of the society especially the underprivileged irrespective of caste, creed, race or color. This institute started by the Trust continues to pursue its goal of character formation, academic excellence and service to the underprivileged. The college is open to students irrespective of their religion, nationality and economic status. it confirms its commitment to the education and enlistment of the professional standards.

Nursing is a highly skilled profession, involves formal theoretical and practical training. Nursing training is regulated as the profession involves legal accountability for their actions. The privilege of “Nurse” assumes legal accountability and ethical responsibility, confidentiality, good judgment and love and loyalty to their profession.and we strive to develop nurses with these qualities

Established since 2003-04, Approved /Recognized under Indian Nursing Council 18-15/1657 for BSc (N) & 18-15/2683 for DGNM , Karnataka Nursing Council 1157-VOL-IV-04 for BSc (N), & 133:07 for DGNM, Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, Karnataka State Diploma in Nursing Education Board. For the academic year 2011-12 Bsc (N) (50 seats) & DGNM /General Nursing (50 seats) Academic year 2012 onwards Pc BSc (N) & MSc (N)

who is a Nurse?

Like other healthcare professionals, nurses are responsible for the treatment, safety and recovery of acutely or chronically ill or injured people, health maintenance of the healthy, and treatment of life-threatening emergencies in a wide range of health care settings.

Job Opportunities

Nurses work in various medical establishments including hospitals, community and public health agencies, rural and public health services, ambulance care centers, Army, Navy and Air Force (military) services, healthcare NGO's, homes for the aged, orphanages, destitute children homes and asylums, international organizations, WHO, UNICEF, disaster relief camps where people need healthcare services in all countries of the world. Indian nurses, with good academic background,adaptability, dedication and genuine desire for service are preferred in many countries