M.Sc Nursing started....
Medical Surgical

Recognition no's

B.Sc/INC: 18-15/1657-INC

GNM/INC: 18-15/2683 -INC

B.Sc /KNC: KNC/1157/2013-14

GNM /KNC: KNC/878/2013-14

RGUHS: RGU/AFF/CNS-273/2012-2013

For B.Sc (N) GOK: A.KU.KA/410 MPS/2003

 For DGNM GOK: A.KU.KA/376 MME/2003

Welcome To St.Mary's Institute

Our Vision: Educate individuals to think and act as professional leaders who will help in the creation of a new social order, based on human dignity, quality and opportunity with social, political and economic justice.

Our Mission: To be a prominent professional educational institution in the country which upholds academic achievements, personal freedom and the right of every individual to receive safe and quality healthcare and produce graduates who are competent in all aspects of healthcare and who will be able to function efficiently and effectively as members of healthcare team both in community and hospitals with integrity, dignity, respect, tolerance and service to human beings.

As educators we believe in providing all around education to the whole person-mind,body, heart and spirit to become Human Nurses caring for the sick and needy. Nursing opens up many vistas for a person with altruism. Our clinical and out-reach programs will enable you to reach out to the sick, the destitute, the exploited and the illiterate among the society .Nursing is a highly skilled profession, involves formal theoretical and practical training. Nursing training is regulated as the profession involves legal accountability for their actions. The privilege of “Nurse” assumes legal accountability and ethical responsibility, confidentiality, good judgment love and loyalty to their profession.

We want you to be partners in keeping St. Mary's vision alive and strive together in achieving the goals and objectives of the curriculum.